roz pendlebury / psychotherapy&excecutive coaching
Executive Coaching
Growing fulfilment and excellence
Work is important to us – as a source of income and potentially immense satisfaction. Work also takes up time and energy, competing with family, friends and hobbies for our attention. Work can also be difficult and frustrating and dissatisfaction at work can affect our professional and personal life.
People come for professional coaching because they are facing challenges at work and want help to resolve things or because work is good and they want it to be even better. People come because they feel stressed, dissatisfied, miserable or bored. They also come because they want a better work-life balance, are seeking a change in direction or because work is going well and they want to achieve even more – to explore just how far they can go!
When you come to see Roz she will help you to develop your potential.

Roz works with the following issues:
Defining goals and strategy at work
Creating your career vision and achieving it
Putting strategy into action
Managing conflict at work
Managing people problems and maximize personal potential
Working more effectively and satisfyingly with other people
Looking at how you work, instead of just the task
Identifying skills gaps and gaining new skills and tools
Developing the skills of management and leadership
Developing judgment and trust in your self
Improving communication
Facing crises like redundancy, harassment and bullying
Building and managing your own business
Developing self-esteem and assertiveness at work
Developing creatively
Responding to and managing change
Getting your work and life balance right
Roz Pendlebury is passionate about coaching people to get the best from their work. She has many years coaching experience as a chief executive, chair and management consultant and for the last 12 years she has developed a private practice as an independent executive coach. Her parallel practice as a psychotherapist means that whilst she maintains the boundaries of professional coaching she has the skills to work with clients to manage any deeper issues that emerge.
Roz sees coaching clients at her own practice, at mutually agreed locations and online.
My role is so pressured and my company is so competitive, it’s the only place I can admit to having any problems and work out solutions without feeling judged