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Working with Relationships
Growing communication and Intimacy
Having problems in your relationship doesn’t mean that it has to end. In fact, research has shown that couples who work through their difficulties can, and often do, form more satisfying relationships. People come for counseling when they get stuck with problems in their relationship or simply because they want to improve the quality of their contact with each other.

In the sessions, Roz creates an environment of mutual respect where conflicts can be dealt with and communication and growth is possible. Relationship counseling can cover many issues concerning how we behave in relationships: communication, managing difference, conflict, money, sexuality, parenting and step-parenting, intimacy, power, stages of life and life changes, inherited or learnt behaviors which we bring to the relationship, being together and being separate, living together or separately, fidelity and affairs, and choosing monogamy or non-monogamy. However relationship counseling doesn’t have to be about staying together. Roz can provide a supportive environment to recognize that a relationship is ending and to separate graciously.

Part of relationship therapy is about learning tools to take home and implement.

These may include:
Talking and listening to each other with honesty and respect
Responding to difference within the relationship
Learning how to manage conflict
Exploring power and energy within the relationship
Making contact and creating intimacy
Exploring your sexual identity and how you respond sexually to each other
Discussing work, money and working out your finances
Exploring your parenting styles and issues
Working out how you operate as a couple within a wider social and cultural network of family and friends
Managing living together or living apart

Roz has considerable experience and specialist training working with relationships. She has many years of experience working with same-sex couples and where there are differences of class, race, age, money etc. She also enjoys working with other one:one relationships, like siblings, friends and business relationships.
In the sessions we finally began to talk again.