roz pendlebury / psychotherapy&excecutive coaching
Individual Therapy
“In the very first session I felt Roz shed light on my problems, I began to see things in a new way ”
“Roz is very insightful but realistic too. Whatever we talk about I go away with a new understanding of the issue that has a practical application in my life ”
“With Roz I feel supported but that I work things out for myself ”
“I know it may sound like a miracle but I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago and thanks to you I have accepted some hard truths ”
“You helped me to change my life and I will always be grateful for the good work we did. You are an amazing therapist! ”
“Sensitivity diplomacy reflective probing questions intelligent acute observiations opening up issues perspective and experience encouraging me to think outside my box”
“I couldn’t have wished for a more caring supportive or intelligent therapist ”
“Therapy helped me on my journey of self discovery and towards becoming the person I want to be ”

Relationship Counselling
“Our rows were very bewildering and frightening. They seemed to erupt out of nowhere so it felt really safe to discuss it with Roz there. She helped us to understand what was going on and gave us strategies to manage our disagreements. ”
“Therapy helped us to control the anger when we broke up and then we could just focus on what was best for the kids. ”
“In the sessions we finally began to talk again ”.
“My partner is so different from me – at first that seemed attractive but then it just became a huge problem. Now we’re learning how to live with our differences and have fun again ”.
“I thought Bill’s affair was the end but now I can see how unhappy we both were. I can’t quite believe how much has changed since we started the sessions. We had drifted but now we love each other more than ever. ”
“Roz helped us sort out our issues about having children and how we wanted to make it happen. Now we’ve got a lovely daughter! ”

Executive Coaching
“Your very professional help and support enabled me to overcome some big obstacles in my career. I have thoroughly valued the experience and feel lucky to have found the right person to help me do it. ”
“Developing satisfaction and excellence. ”
“My regular sessions with Roz keep me at the top of my game – worth every penny! …and being able to use skype means that we keep our appointments wherever I am. ”
“My role is so pressured and my company is so competitive, it’s the only place I can admit to having any problems and work out solutions without feeling judged ”
“I come in with what I think is a potential disaster and end up with a solution. ”
“Starting my own company has been a massive undertaking and a real personal journey. Roz has been there for me every step of the way with her calm, insightful comments. ”
“I’d put off changing jobs for years but my sessions helped me to follow through on my dreams and I had to get on with it. I stopped prevaricating. ”  

Executive Coaching Group
“As someone who hates groups, meetings, interviews and public speaking - this friendly approach to taking your turn to speak in front of others, and hearing their feedback has helped me hugely.  It's helped both with the issues I have brought about work - and with taking part in groups ”
“If you are looking for a safe place to take some space for yourself and have others reflect back to you on your experience at work and plans for the future - I can really recommend this group. ”  
“Roz is very caring, always holds the space, is creative in her thinking about what is said - and never short of advice!" June, Charity Worker  
“I have found group supervision with Roz to be not only consistently helpful in making and implementing the most difficult decisions in my business but also in my wider and more private life. Our intimate but focussed feedback has been much more than useful. The sessions are always reassuring and inspiring. Roz herself is informative, challenging, respectful and profoundly encouraging ”
“As a people manager I deal with many challenging situations at work and I find the group helps me personally as well as professionally. I am currently managing my team through a major change in organisation including possible redundancies and it has really helped having spoken about this difficult issue in the group.  Thanks for all your support and advice ” Operations Improvement Manager, TfL

Skype Therapy
“Although we had our couples’ therapy via the internet, your warmth and empathy still travel through, and we were able to work through some core problems with your constructive ideas ”
“It’s like there’s no distance between us and I’m still sitting in your lovely therapy room! ”
“I was nervous beforehand about skyping but it was the only possible way of getting therapy that would work for me and when we’re in the session I forget the technology completely ”
I come in with what I think is a potential disaster and end up with a solution