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Executive Group Coaching
Developing fulfilment and excellence
Roz Pendlebury is an experienced group coach and for the last five years has been running a highly effective programme of executive coaching groups from Spectrum in north London called ‘A Group about Work’. These are ongoing groups about your relationship with your work – to help you work more productively and with more satisfaction and awareness.

Roz’s groups provide a non–judgemental opportunity to explore complex and confidential work issues, learn new skills, recognize and acknowledge strengths and overcome weaknesses and explore effective ways of approaching problems and people. Participants can also consider their career plans and work/life balance and develop a group of supportive work peers.

Participants come to these groups because they want to support and deepen their relationship to their working self on a longer-term basis. People come because they are struggling with difficult challenges at work and want support and insight, because they are overworking, because they want to change direction or start again after a break, because they want to excel at their work, because they want the feedback that a group provides, because they work alone or in an isolated situation or are self-employed and want a group of work colleagues and peers, because they want the benefits of coaching with the cost effectiveness of group sessions or because they particularly like learning in a group.

Each group meets for three hours every four weeks on a Tuesday evening.
A minimum commitment of six months is required with three months notice.
As someone who hates groups, meetings, interviews and public speaking - this friendly approach to taking your turn to speak in front of others, and hearing their feedback has helped me hugely