roz pendlebury / psychotherapy&excecutive coaching
Working with individuals
Support and Insight for the challenges in your life
People come because they want to feel better. People want to deal with a crisis, to grow, or to change something about themselves or their life.
At the first session Roz will listen to what issues are concerning you and what you want for yourself. Together you will see how you can work to achieve your goals. Roz will use a range of approaches which will work for you, to match with your personal preferences and personality and the issues you bring.
How you are living your life now is Roz’s starting point. Through the sessions you can build an awareness of behaviour patterns and influences in your life and how they have affected you. You will learn about your strengths and what holds you back. From this foundation you can look at what realistic changes would make a difference to your life and how to achieve them.
Positive changes you make in your beliefs and behaviour create a process and a practice that grows your personal satisfaction and resilience. This in turn enables you to better manage future challenges and form a more fulfilling life.

Roz works with the following issues:

Anger and conflict
Lack of self-esteem and confidence
Abuse : sexual, physical and emotional
Feeling stuck
Relationship Issues
Behaviour change
Achieving a more satisfying life
Conception and Parenting issues
Sex and sexuality
LGBT issues
Bi-polar Disorder
Unresolved issues from the past
With Roz I feel supported but that I work things out for myself.