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Online Therapy and Executive Coaching
Support and insight everywhere
Roz Pendlebury has training and several years experience of telephone and video therapy and coaching and works regularly with clients all over the world.

Using technology, talking therapies and learning have now become available to people who could not previously access these services.

It is now possible to do psychotherapy and counselling, executive coaching and professional supervision by telephone and video-link.

People may choose to work in this way if they live, work or travel abroad and want to work in English, if they live in an isolated community, if they live somewhere where they do not have access to qualified therapy or coaching, or if their situation does not easily allow them to get to face-face sessions e.g. if they are at home with young children or have a health problem or disability.

Online work can also be used to maintain continuity by people already having or wishing to start therapy or coaching but who travel frequently and by couples where one partner is frequently abroad.

Working online has its disadvantages.  Equipment can let you down and it can be more difficult to develop a bond over the phone or Internet, but working with someone in their own home can create a different sort of connection and insight.  Roz's experience in using these technologies allows this way of working to be a deep, satisfying, enriching experience.

Roz is trained in Online Therapy and is a member of the Online Therapy Institute.
It’s like there’s no distance between us and I’m still sitting in your lovely therapy room!