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Support and insight for the challenges in your life
Life is complicated and we don’t always know what to do. Sometimes we notice that we have habits or behaviours that don’t seem to work and we end up feeling angry or miserable but we don’t know how to change. A crisis can also happen like bereavement or redundancy and we don’t know how to cope.

As well as being complicated, life is often very busy, leaving us little time to think and feel so we can end up feeling flat and out of touch with ourselves. Friends, family and colleagues are sometimes helpful if they are available but they can also be part of the problem and we often need a skilled, neutral person to talk to.

Psychotherapy gives you an opportunity to explore and resolve issues including relationships, anxiety, depression, grief and anger, abuse, addiction, sex and sexuality issues, family issues and self - defeating behaviors. Therapy can also give you a quiet space to think and feel and review your life and through this process, to find ways to achieve a more satisfying way of being and finding your place in the world.

We often feel that things have to get really bad before we approach a therapist but therapy can help most people. We are taught that we should be able to sort things out on our own and this belief isn’t always helpful. The support and insight we gain from talking helps us to galvanize our inner resources to help ourselves in a realistic way. In my experience, at least 95% of people who come to see me feel that they benefit from their sessions.

That’s why I became a therapist and coach, because the self-knowledge and skills I gained from my therapist and coach really helped me to deal with problems and relationships, know myself better and live my life in a more satisfying, authentic and resourceful way.

I think that therapy is an equal relationship where I aim to use my clarity, empathy and insight combined with a thorough training to support people to face problems and challenges, make choices and move towards a more fulfilling life.
My clients come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and I believe that acknowledging how culture, race, sexuality and class interact with individual family history, can be an important part of what we gain through therapy. My way of working embraces a range of approaches including Gestalt psychology, the formative psychology of Stanley Keleman, CBT(cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques and existential exploration.

In addition to my work with individuals, I work a lot with couples. Sensitivity diplomacy reflective probing questions intelligent acute observiations opening up issues perspective and experience encouraging me to think outside my box When our relationships work they can bring us joy and support and inspiration. However maintaining a happy long-term relationship is tricky – we have so many expectations of each other and how we should be! I live in London with my long-term partner and son. These relationships of my own combined with the training I have done, have inspired my work with people in their relationships with their partners and children and their wider families.

My work, and how I relate to it, is a very important part of who I am. I think we spend a lot of our waking adult life working and if this area of our life is unhappy or unfulfilling, it drains our energy and impacts on our whole sense of wellbeing. Conversely, if we are fulfilled and developing in our work we feel good. As an executive coach, helping people to grow and develop their skills and find more satisfaction from their working selves is an immensely rewarding part of my own work. Before starting private practice, I worked for 20 years as a senior manager, chief executive and chair for a variety of organisations. I continue to use this experience in my work today.

I work holistically which means that all my skills are available to all my clients. For example if you come for executive coaching and you then want to address more personal areas, this can be negotiated.

I work at Spectrum Therapy in north London which is the largest humanistic psychology and training organisation in Europe. Through my work here I maintain my own intellectual and emotional wellbeing and I am able to offer my clients access to a range of self development groups and other expertise. I also run a busy private practice in south London with my associate Helena Naidoo and see coaching clients all over London.

In private practice, I have been working with individuals since 1992 and with relationships since 2002. I have been coaching within a work setting since 1993. Before this, I worked with homeless women and then with people living with HIV. I am registered with Pink Therapy, the largest therapy and training organisation working with sex and gender diversity and have many years experience of working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) individuals and relationships. I am currently co-chair of the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum (MRCF) which advocates for the rights and contribution of migrants and refugees in London.

I am accredited and registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists) through Spectrum, abide by various codes of ethics and practice and am in continuous supervision and professional development.

Qualifications and Accreditations:
Psychotherapy Training:
Spectrum Psychotherapy Training (1990-2002)
Graduated from Spectrum Training Programme in October 2006 UKCP Accreditation (2009)

Continued Professional Development:
PAIRS Foundation – Intimate Relationship Skills (1 year 2001)
Spectrum Couples Therapy training (2 years 2002-2003)
Spectrum Working with Groups training (1 year 2005) Spectrum
Continual Professional Development Group (7 days per year)
Pink Therapy Couples Therapy Development Day (2011)
Spectrum Couples Therapy Development Group ( 3 days per year)
Online Therapy (2 days 2011)
Therapy can also give you a quiet space to think and feel and review your life and through this process, to find ways to achieve a more satisfying way of being and finding your place in the world.